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Who is a prospective client?
Most clients start with a idea, concept or problem that they need help brining into reality. With a history of design/fabrication involving projects spanning a broad range of fields, from David Byrne and artists like the Starn Twins, to commercial prototypes and designing solutions for conservationist organizations like the Living with lions project in Kenya a full range of solutions and experience has been gathered to help your organization in the development process. The process of transforming idea to a actual application can be a complex one involving cost analysis, prototyping, and fabricating, below are the services offered that can help you or your company bring the idea into reality.
Designing/engineering a project:
The process of designing a project can include a broad range of needs below are some of the solutions for getting a working model of the project up and running:

Cost analysis,
Choosing applicable technologies,
Creating timeline.
General research for feasibility,

CAD modeling,
Aesthetic modeling (drawings to present a feel for the look of the object),
Physical mock up.