Putting the ME into hoME

The mental and physical extensions of self create the cognitive methods and structures we use to design and live our worlds. The current sociological technologies put new demands and structures onto the individual creating a multi-formed self that interacts not only with others direct social needs but also with the ghosted need of technology. To have email means you have to check email. The current modes of interface disallow for a informed agreement and understanding between the individual and the new technologies . There currently is only a direct yes no, use/non-use interaction. The HOMEostais is a method to open up a communication between the individual and her technologies.

The basis of the HOMEostasis system is the transferring of personal biometric data into the surrounding environment via a personalized graphing control application. This transferring links the environments system in a feedback loop with the individual allowing for the maintaining of many technological devices and processes with one action.


Ideas I focused on in designing this system:
The reduction or Absence of metadata: which leads to the inclusion of self in the system.

The choice of interacting with a system or not: but not allowing for the perception of statically controlling the system with that interaction.

Real time adaptation and response.

Quantification of larger systemic processes without effective remove.

personally specific sphere of influence that interacts with anothers sphere of influence.

All things interact.

System overview:

Technology used:

System/network ideas(what i was thinking of):